Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm Losing My Edge

I am suddenly a little overwhelmed with concerts. More and more "I can't miss this!" shows come up all the time. And well, I'm not exactly rolling in cash. Or free time. So, I'm having to make decisions on what I truly must see. This is not so easy.

The main problem is next week. I am presented with three concerts that seem very promising:
A few years back, the prospect of three great shows in a week would have been exhilarating. But recently, it just makes me feel . . . Tired [work is a bit ridiculous at the moment]. It also reminds me that I should avoid being a broke-ass grad student if possible. Which means that I will probably be cutting at least one out. Question is, which one?

I've only heard a few tracks from CSS [Cansei de Ser Sexy--Portuguese for "Tired of Being Sexy"], but they have not impressed me too much. If you're curious, some limited-time samples are available here [via Fluxblog] and here [via Gorilla Vs. Bear]. Or try your luck at Hype-Machine. They seem a bit unremarkable, and rather snotty. But I really want to see their buddy Diplo. I've been a fan of his remixes and DJ work for a good while now, and somehow always miss his live shows. I'm curious if he could make me dance as much at the show as I do at my private dance parties. But perhaps I should wait until his tour-mates are more my speed? He does tour pretty regularly.

I'm pretty set on seeing Konono No. 1. I'm not sure how often the African group will be touring, so it seems smart to snag the opportunity now. The MFA also seems like an interesting setting for a concert. And how often does one get the chance to dance to thumb pianos, honestly? The only remaining question is which of their two shows to catch. With the earlier, they wouldn't be tired, but there's the possibility of it being cut short. The later show has more potential for ridiculous encores, but could suffer from fatigued performers. Quite a pickle!

I have already seen Jens Lekman in concert at Case's concert venue "The Spot." So, it would be possible for me to miss this one without shedding too many tears. Yet, that's part of why I want to see him again--I absolutely adored his live performance. He writes truly wonderful pop music, and it really should be heard live. I was actually a little disappointed in some of the songs on Oh You're So Silent Jens because I heard them live first. It really would be a very fun show. Plus, that Swede is quite attractive.

Anyone seen these performers live and have feedback? Any input on which show(s) to skip would be appreciated! I am a very indecisive person, to say the least.

Post Script - On an entirely unrelated note, I am beyond amused that Blogger's spell check wanted to replace "Diplo" with "dipole." Yes, this shows my science nerd side.


Blogger Lis said...


I adore you and completely agree with concerts makingme tired these days. Next time we talk remind me to tell you about how doing Merch at the Matt Nathanson show went..because it was awesome, but v. v. tiring.

6:25 AM, July 14, 2006  

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