Monday, August 14, 2006

100th Post! . . . That should have happened, oh, two weeks ago

This post marks my 100th attempt to say something interesting, clever, and/or worthwhile. Of course, this post should have come a long time ago. Sorry for the complete disappearance. Things got a bit hectic at the end of my summer program. Coming up with an abstract, final presentation, and final poster in a week's time--all while being pushed to do as much subject testing and coding as possible before you leave--is very daunting.

But, I'm done now. Having slept an impressive amount in the past few days, I am on my way to recovery. It shouldn't take too long, except that I'm also a bit preoccupied by panicking about the fact that I'm about to begin my final year of college. [I now have a bookmark folder entitled "Grad school. EEEEEEEEEEK!!!"]

While we wait for my sanity to return, here are some things to amuse yourself with.

Gorilla VS Bear's guest author has come up with a hilarious hipster quiz (See "Bonus" section). I don't normally go for the magazine-style quizzes, but this one is delightfully self-mocking and witty. I ended up being a bit more hip than I expected--just barely in the middle category.

Gorilla VS Bear has also posted a few interesting tracks recently. My favorite finds are a selection from the Ethiopique Vol. 3 collection, and a soul gospel cover of Eleanor Rigby.

Cute Overload was ranked the #1 time waster by 'Time' Magazine. So go! Waste time! Much cuteness recently, if I do say so myself.

YouTube: I have recently become addicted. Specifically to trashy model reality shows of the foreign kind. Somehow, Canada's, Australia's, and Britain's Next Top Model versions are just so much better than America's. I think it's the accents?


Anonymous spikedcandy said...

Also, they leave in the swearing and nudity on ours(Aus.). It is funny to note the cultural differences - I notice on ours, if the girls complain about their hair makeovers, they get comforted by the hairdressers, whereas on the US one Tyra will go nuts at them.

11:33 PM, August 22, 2006  

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