Thursday, September 20, 2007

...And You in Your Autumn Sweater

I've been watching the local news each morning. Mostly as background noise while I'm eating breakfast and getting ready.

Local news shows are generally about the same everywhere. But, the weather reporting here is rather amusing. I can't imagine it's too exciting to report weather in a place like San Francisco, where the average temperature ranges about 20 degrees for the entire year. As someone who's used to seasons, I'm very amused by the weathermen's attempts to spice up the relatively unchanging forcasts.

This week, the temperature dropped by about 5 degrees for a few days. It also sprinkled a little bit today. For the past week, I ate my breakfast to great discussion about how "fall-like" the weather was becoming.

What? Fall? But, all the trees are green. There's no distinct Fall smell. It just got a little less warm and rained. I didn't know these things signified an entire "season change". This season-less climate's weathermen claim to have seasons just to give themselves something to talk about? Silly.

Fall, Schmall.



Blogger Lis said...

curse them for trying to fool you into believing it was fall! how rude!

6:49 AM, September 21, 2007  

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