Friday, January 04, 2008

Your Bathroom Caller

People travel to see new things, meet new people. Getting to wherever you're going is also pretty interesting.

The whole process of flying is, admittedly, very draining. But I enjoy airports. With so many people and characters to watch, at least its easy to kill the wait time. You're always assured to see new things.

After landing in San Francisco, though, I saw something I hope to never see again. Waiting in line at the ladies restroom, I noticed a woman coming out of the stall after finishing her business, talking on her cell phone.

I've mentioned my opinions of excessive cell phone use before. And I admit that since that particular post, I too have started using my cell phone quite a bit more. But talking in a public restroom? This just takes the cake. Not only is it unnecessary, it's unsanitary. And gross. Even if she had the phone proped up on her shoulder, and presumably didn't touch it during the process, the idea of talking to someone else while they're sitting on the toilet is just unsavory.

This particular woman was speaking Spanish, so I don't know if the discussion was somehow urgent. Even if it was, this is still ridiculous.

Seriously, call them back.



Blogger Lis said...

hahahhaa, such quality

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