Wednesday, June 29, 2005

IPod Sluts

I miss music. I am without my own personal computer (see this earlier post), and am far away from the shelves upon shelves of bliss that is WRUW's music library. I've been stranded on a music desert island with only my iPod and cds to survive! aaaaaah!

My current state, while certainly close to my personal music nerd hell, has inspired a wonderful idea. While being here, I have made friends with two undergraduate Canadians working at JLab for the summer. One of the main things that sparked our friendship was music. They're just about the only people here who actually recognize some of the music I listen to. Not to be an elitist about it (even though I admittedly am), but most of the interns here wouldn't know good music if it bit their ear off.

One of my new musical bosom buddies also happens to have an iPod. This, is where my idea came from. In my longing for new music, I suggested exchanging iPods with her for a day; she gets to listen to my music, I get to listen to hers. While we have yet to follow through on the idea, we're both excited about it.

So, I propose expanding this idea to a wider audience. I see several potential benefits from wide-scale implementation:
1) People would get to know other people through their music choices. Possible new friendships formed. Concert buddies created.
2) Exposure to new and different music.
3) A break in the monotony of always listening to your same ol' music collection.

I call the program iPod sluts, and I've decided that the Case Western Reserve University campus could use a little music promiscuity. Of course, other forms of mp3 players would not be discriminated against. We would be an equal opportunity music whoring program.

Cap, ou pas cap?
(en angalais: Are you game?)


Anonymous Maria said...

"Cap, ou pas cap?"

stop stealing my movies!!!


8:18 AM, June 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your movie?!
I do believe I saw "Jeux D'enfants" before you, dear. Besides, you didn't even recognize the phrase after you saw the movie!

8:41 AM, June 30, 2005  

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