Friday, July 15, 2005

Internet Induced ADD

About an hour ago, I put a tea bag into a mug of hot water and sat down at the computer to pass time as I waited for it to seep.

About 5 minutes ago, I remembered that I was once in the process of making tea.

The internet is a damn distracting thing! Time seems to fly by whenever I sit down at a computer to do my usual perusing of websites. Maybe with all this information traveling near the speed of light, time dilation occurs in the computer frame of reference.....

Some length contracting links:

Apparently Xiu Xiu is going to play at The Spot (Case Western Reserve University's campus bar). To be honest, I can't see too many Case kids liking that show, but nice work getting good acts, UPB!

Said the Gramaphone's got some great mp3's up lately. Recommendations here, there, and everywhere.

STOP THE EMO!!!!!! [wmv] (courtesy of Music (for robots)) Watch all the way through. The thank you is my favorite part.

Technologically savy Ukulele players' prayers have been answered. (courtesy of BoingBoing.)

A small sampling, I suppose, will have to do for now. Beds are too comfortable, and I am too willing to give in. After all, sleeping is giving in.


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