Friday, July 08, 2005

Je Suis...Not so Bien Calée

Indeed. Today, replacing the "bien calée" with "un stupid-head" would be a bit more accurate. [For those non-French speakers, the literal translation of "je suis bien calée" is "I am good/very clever." However, as my blog description points out, the actual phrase means "I am very full."]

Yes, mes amis, today I was humbled beyond belief when I joined the "I locked my keys in my car" club.

In rushing to get to lunch with the rest of the interns, I got out of the car, grabbed my wallet, and in doing so put down my keys. My lack of keys once outside of my car, which I always lock as I get out of, went unnoticed until about half way between my car and the door. The train of thought went something like this:

Hmmm, I'm not carrying very much.
That's weird. I usually have more with me than this.
[small pause]
Wait, why don't I have--FUCK!!!--my keeeeeeeeeys!!!!

Luckily, all hope was not lost. I had driven to the mall (where we were meeting to eat. Yeah, not my choice) by myself, because I needed to leave a bit early, having a meeting with my mentor at 1pm--We summer interns are wonderful at taking long leisurely lunches. And, being my practical, level-headed self, I always keep my vallet key in a reasonable place. In this case, my room back at the lab. So, I was able to hitch a ride back with some of the other interns, get my vallet key, and then get a ride back to the mall to retrieve my beloved Bebop. I felt awful for being such a burden, but the intern giving me a ride was happy to, since it provided him an excuse not to return to work. I managed to be only 10 minutes late to my meeting.

All in all, it wasn't a complete disaster. But it certainly made me feel quite the fool. If I were able, I would have hung my head in shame. I was amazed by how helpless it made me feel. My car was right there! But I couldn't do anything with it! It's a bit like having a great cd and no cd player, graham crackers and no nutella, etc. etc. Useless. Not ironic, like having 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife, though. Because we all know that such a situation is just so ironic. Ahh, Alanis. You silly Canadian with no understanding of irony.

Anyways, I got served. Big time. By a little bit of molded metal.
Quite humbling indeed.


Anonymous lis said...

hehe i just laughed loudly, some would say i laughed out loud, but that's silly talk. I love how shocked you are at not being super amazingly wise and smart, but I forgive you. Also, Alanis is quite the bad english prof. miss ya silly


6:55 PM, July 10, 2005  

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