Friday, July 29, 2005

Pop Me One, Right In the Face

As my updated "Ear's Current Cravings" section shows, I've had insatiable pop cravings lately. The music snob in me sometimes feels guilty about my ridiculous affinity for well done pop. But, under current circumstances, I'm not being too hard on myself. Partly because I think, deep down, we all love pop. Some just admit it more openly than others. You know that all the stereotypical emo kids switch out the Bright Eyes cd for some Destiny's Child and sing along happily when no one's looking. If not DC, then some other poppy artist. Everybody's got their "guilty pleasures".

The other reason I'm guilt-free about my pop bingeing is that, honestly, I need it. In the last week, I have redone all of the analysis for my internship research project 3 times, while trying to make a poster, and write a paper (possibly for publication) about these constantly changing results. Thinking is too much to ask of me right now. I need happy, peppy, easy going music that doesn't ask much of me other than to perhaps sing along from time to time.

I need to write Kylie Minogue a letter of thanks. Fever kept me sane today during the most recent (and hopefully the last) re-working of results. I can't feel stressed or worried when I'm Burning Up (baby).


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