Monday, August 22, 2005

Express + Gang of Four = wtf, Mate?

During more shopping with the mother today, I noticed something incredibly bizare:

Gang of Four was being played in Express.

Several odd things about this.

1) While they don't play terrible music in Express, I can't say that I've been overwhelmed by their selections either. Plus, post/dance-punk certainly isn't their style. I expect things like Jamiroquai and Kylie Minogue from Express. Not Sonic Youth and Gang of Four.

2) Most amusing, though, is the fact that Gang of Four was being used as background music in a mall store. The Definitive Source described the hilarity of such a situation quite well:

I think it's hilarious that Gang of Four was being played while people were shopping. . . because of the obvious Marxist critique in their songs. They spent great amounts of effort deriding consumer culture, and now they've been commodified and turned into background music while women try on clothes.

Somehow I doubt that Express is a terribly Marxist organization. . .

See Alanis, this is irony.

P.S. TDS would like me to note that he does not necessarily condone or agree with Marxism. He is a huge Gang of Four fan despite disagreeing with their politics.


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