Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hi, I'm a Mac.

I seem to be very good at unannounced blog hiatuses. Oops?

I've got a few things I want to post about, but that will have to wait a bit. I promise I'll stop being my lazy, It's finally summer and I only want to sleep and watch TV, self soon. For the moment, a few blurbs about what I've been up to (aside from the obvious sleeping and watching TV).

I'm currently getting things set to go to Boston to work here on this. I'm very excited about the project, but the 25 previous publications dating back eleven years is a bit intimidating. I've got a lot of reading and studying ahead of me to get up to speed. I'm also pretty thrilled to be living in Boston for the summer. I'll have several old friends nearby, and it should be a fun summer city for a youngster like myself.

Since I'll be staying in Boston for 10 weeks, am completely computer addicted, and can't haul my massive desktop up the east coast with me, I have invested in a laptop. I went through the Windows-Mac debate for a good while, and finally decided to go with Mac. Windows has burned me a few too many times. Twice to be exact. Within a one month period. No more Blue Screen Of Death.

Of course, I seem to have taken the plunge a bit too early, as I got the 12" powerbook just a few weeks before they released these new MacBooks. But oh well, I love it nonetheless. And it's smaller than those 13"ers anyways, so HMPH. I've named it La Petite Pomme (The Little Apple). I wasn't feeling especially creative at the time of naming, but it fits her well. It's small, sleek, and very user-friendly. Exactly what I wanted in a laptop. Portability is key. And the smallness is adorable*.

I tested out La Petite Pomme while visiting Matthew (a.k.a. The Definitive Source) in North Carolina this past week. So far, so good! We had a great time visiting various cities and historical places. I have many beautiful pictures, and will post them along with discussion soon. They're on the internetless laptop, and I am not ambitious enough to transfer them to a connected computer.

The real test of this wee Macintosh will be when it is my primary computer in Boston. Which is very soon, actually. I suppose I should stop putting off packing.

* Why are almost all small things cute? I fall all over myself at the sight of baby shoes every time, but haven't the faintest idea why.


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