Friday, February 03, 2006

My Heart's On Fire!. . . From Laughter.

I was checking out, a community blog on music videos, and came across something so awesomely-bad that it becomes awesome.

HammerFall, a Swedish metal band, has filmed a video for their newest single "Hearts on Fire" with the Women's Swedish Olympic team. It can be seen here (.mov).

Now, I have nothing against Swedes. Nordic people certainly know their pop! But this. . .Just, Wow. Contributors to the hilarity:
  • Generally cliché look of the band. It looks like a parody video.
  • Music in general. "HEARTS ON FIRE!!!"
  • They're CURLING while trying to rock out HARDCORE!!!
  • Forced effort to make sure the Acuvue name was seen as much as possible. It's fine that they sponsored the team (and possibly the video), but seriously guys, you need to work on the fine art of subtlety. Unless you actually intended this to look like an Acuvue commercial.
  • Blatant preference of the more attractive female Olympiad.
  • "Oh man! I'm rocking out soooo hard!" guitar solo stance/face.
I have nothing left to say, except hahahahahaha.


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