Monday, January 09, 2006

The Fruits of My Labor

My 10-something cousin has always commented on my tie purses whenever I see her. This Thanksgiving, in her 10-year-old-subtle way, she made it very clear that she wanted me to make her one--"I really like your purse, Amy. You know, that would make a really great present for someone." So, being the pushover that I am (and being really bored at home), I decided to appease her.

The more of these I make, the easier they get. Though I think I get more and more critical of the stitch work every time. This one was a bit different, since I was designing it for a little girl rather than myself. Everything got scaled down a bit.

Anyways, here's the end result of some thrifting and not quite a day of sewing:

The front.

And the back. Posted by Picasa

It turned out very sparkly with all the gold. But I suppose little girls like that sort of thing. At least I hope.


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