Tuesday, March 14, 2006

" Aw frig, my microwave popcorn!! "

Lately, I've been thoroughly enjoying Dinosaur Comics. For those unfamiliar, the somewhat daily internet comic uses the same panel of pictures for each comic. The only thing that changes is the text. You'd think it might get old after a while, or come off a bit gimmicky. But somehow, Ryan North really pulls it off. It's always different, interesting, and funny. I have yet to tire of it. Part of the fun is seeing how he'll transform the same old pictures each day. Of course, his geeky sense of humor helps a lot too.

In the usual boredom associated with being home, I was wandering the site and found that there is a wealth of Dinosaur Comic merchandise. The T-shirts, like the comic, are quite amusing. For obvious reasons, I was drawn to this one in particular:

(Taken from www.qwantz.com) Posted by Picasa

As their description of this shirt says, it's based on a character mentioned in only one comic. Somehow, I think that fact makes the shirt even funnier. And independent from the comic, you can't deny the humor of a diplodocus wearing a mortarboard named "Professor Science." I mean, come on.

Needless to say, I must have this shirt. Just in case I ever become a professor.


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