Monday, May 08, 2006

Isn't It Only Fair That You Try And Let It Go?

It's official: this pop addiction is not just a passing fad. I think it's pretty safe to say that it is here to stay.

Marit Larsen, yet another Nordic musician blessed with the pop-genius-gene, seems to be chock full of pop delights. An mp3 of "Only A Fool,"a song off of her debut album Under the Surface, can be found here (via FluxBlog) for a limited time. I'm a bit tardy in posting on this one, so you best download quickly--it probably won't be around much longer.

I've heard three of her songs now, and have yet to find one I dislike. They're gorgeously orchestrated, well produced, clever, riduclously infectious, and just plain delightful. It doesn't hurt that she seems to be fond of handclaps. Though I promise you, that is not the only reason I enjoy her music. "Only A Fool," in particular, is a great example of her pop mastery. It's all sorts of catchy without being the least bit predictable or ordinary. Between the instrumentation, her playful delivery, and that Americana-esque bounce, you just can't resist it.

Under the Surface has yet to be released here in the US. And I've had no luck trying to get my hands on more than a few mp3s here and there. I must say, it really is a shame that there aren't more quality pop acts in the United States. I like to think that many people would enjoy good pop music if they had access to it, and that the somewhat rampant lack of musical standards among many American youth is only a result of this lack of access.

If Marit looks or sounds familiar, you may be recalling your good old Disney Channel days. As a kid, she was half of the girl-pop group M2M. I'll try to be the bigger person here and forgive her for participating in a group that sang a song on the Pokemon soundtrack.


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