Friday, July 14, 2006

Send In The Trumpets

Cat Power [a.k.a. Chan Marshall] has just released a video for "Lived In Bars," the new single off of her album The Greatest. I like it enough to embed a YouTube video, so you know it's good.

This song was probably one of my favorites off of The Greatest, aside from perhaps the lovely title track. It highlights Chan's beautiful singing capabilities and the added bit of poppy soul to her sound works extremely well. This video, thankfully, lives up to the song. It just fits so perfectly--1) it's set in a Memphis bar, 2) it includes cameos by many Memphis-based musicians [the Memphis part fitting because she recorded The Greatest with The Memphis Rhythm Band], 3) it transitions from a calm, quiet bar into a sudden dance party right along with the song.

Chan is also pretty adorable here. Her dancing reminds me a bit of my own slightly goofy wiggling [which very few ever see]--except she looks a lot better doing it. Even when she's pulling those stereotypical sexy moves, she's not really taking herself seriously. So instead of looking a fool [very possible with those types of moves], she just looks, well, hot. But at the same time adorable. That's a combination very few can pull off. Look out Jenny Lewis, your title as Miss Indie Rock may be usurped this year!


Blogger Lis said...

I so knew you'd post this video.. or at least i thought of you when I saw it.. way to be indipredictable!

Sike, I just wanted to use that word again! I MISSED you yesterday at Pri's B-day. I'll tell you more later. But for now -- CAT POWER!

12:15 PM, July 16, 2006  

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