Tuesday, July 04, 2006

They Call Me The Wanderer, Part IV: Boston

After our quick visit to Salem, my parents dropped me off in Boston for the summer. I've been here for about a month now [yes, this is indicative of just how slow I've been on these posts]. My pictures, however, are few and far between. My quite sizable memory card appears to be blown, as it now only holds 2 pictures before claiming to be full. So I'm stuck with the starter card that only holds about 20, and haven't been taking to many pictures as a result. It's funny how spoiled I've become because of digital cameras. 20 pictures is about one roll of film, but now it just seems like so few that it's not even worth carrying the camera around for.

I did however get some lovely shots during a Duck Tour our program took during the first week here. The tours are a very creative way to reuse military vehicles. The idea is pretty brilliant, actually. For a city so surrounded by water, amphibious vehicles are the best way to give tours. We were lucky to get a guide who realized we were college kids, and probably weren't interested in the ridiculous amounts of quacking and song-singing that usually accompany the tour. Instead he asked us lots of questions about where we were from and made very geeky jokes in between his discussion of Boston and it's history. I quite enjoyed it.

All my best shots came from the water portion of the tour. On land, we were moving a bit too fast for photo-taking. I'm sure pictures of downtown and architecture are to come sometime this summer.

An old aqueduct by the Charles River. [Yes, I am enjoying my new-found iPhoto filters and tools]

A peek at the river.

Boats docked along the river.

All this picture needs is a plane flying by, and then most any traditional form of transportation will be represented. Trains, cars, and boats. You can also see a Duck on the right-hand side.

There is something I really love about this picture that I can't articulate. I think some of it is the positioning of the boat relative to the skyscraper.

There were an incredible number of sail boats on the river during our tour. This is only a small group of them. Apparently, there are very cheap sailing lessons offered every summer. Perhaps I will become Admiral Amy this summer.

I've really enjoyed Boston thus far, and I still have over a month to do more exploring. There is an interesting sort of intellectual vibe to the city. It's very different from most other places I've been. I could do without all of this humidity and heat, though. I didn't know that 95% humidity was possible without the air completely condensing. But Boston has shown me that it most certainly is possible. And it's disgusting.


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