Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Would You Please Spoon Me?

Said The Gramophone just posted a little gem by OHM, called "Spoon Me," available both here [STG] and here [OHM's label Sing Your Life]. This track, simply put, is a must download. This new Swedish trio has crafted a completely irresistible pop song. The melodies and individual parts are kept simple, instead adding layer upon layer until the song blossoms into a swirling pop delight. The rhythmic pounding and textured [almost crunchy] guitars create a great backdrop for vocalist Jenny Burna's sweet crooning. Her sugary vocals drip with sap--especially as she requests "would you please spoon me?"--but never overflow into the annoying, affected realm. And on a closer listen, the lyrics are a bit more complicated than might be expected. It isn't a clear-cut cuddle request; it's about control in a relationship.

Not to mention the handclaps! My pop addiction and love of handclaps are no secret, but I also happen to love cuddling--and spooning is a personal favorite. So for me, this song has an irresistible trifecta: 1) handclaps, 2) catchy pop melodies, 3) spooning. I didn't even know such a combination was possible. The only way to improve this would be to somehow include toast [I have a somewhat unhealthy love of toast]. I suppose I'll just have to eat toast while listening to this song while I wait for a song to satisfy all four.


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