Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dancing in the Streets

I enjoy living in a city. The crowds and expense can get a bit overwhelming at times--especially for someone like myself who grew up in the rural Mid-West--but, the museums, amazing restaurants, boutiques, so on and so forth, win me over.

While I don't like crowds much, I am a huge fan of the unique amalgamation of people in cities. Explorations in San Francisco nearly always result in at least one hilarious and/or awesome interaction with a stranger.

Case in point:
Today, while waiting for the bus, Matt and I saw something nearly too good to be true. A man on a motorcycle, dressed to the nines in tough-guy-looking leather and helmet, pulls up to the intersection and stops at the traffic light. As he drives by, I hear vague pop music playing but can't tell where its coming from or identify the song. As Mr. Motorcycle is waiting for a green light, I realize that the music (very loud now that the rumble of the bike has stopped) is coming from his motorcycle's stereo. Then, I recognize the song--The Spice Girls hit "Say You'll Be There." He proceeded to dance and jive as he waited.

He quickly sped off, engine roaring, once the light changed, and left Matt and I laughing and smiling in his dust. Amazing.



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