Sunday, August 28, 2005

LCD Soundsystem Video "Tribulations"

LCD Soundsystem has a new video out for their song "Tribulations." Watch it here (.mov). The video is excellent, and really plays around with the borders between reality and film. It actually reminds me of some of my favorite surrealist paintings by Magritte. I've watched the video once, but I definitely want to watch it again, paying more attention to all the little details. I wonder how they pulled off a lot of those effects. Very cool, indeed.

The first time I heard this song (I think) was at the Deerhoof concert I went to back in May. They played it in between sets. Nearly all of the kids around me thought it was the Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch" because of the similar opening beats. They were all "singing along," and hardly any of them realized it was an entirely different song. hehehe

I certainly like this song (and video) much much better. Although it's very true that we're "nothing but mammals."


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