Saturday, September 24, 2005

Occasionally, Hipsters Like Cool Things

I have a love-hate relationship with Pitchfork, the hip indie internet magazine. The site is an excellent source of musical news and information; I often hear about new artists on Pitchfork. And when trying to get a feel for an older artist with lots of material out, the Pitchfork numerical ratings can sometimes give a good idea as to what album(s) to start with. But, I don't always agree with their musical assessments, and frequently find their reviews/news commentary a little on the pretentious side.

Though snooty, they do come up with some pretty awesome stuff from time to time. Their track reviews occasionally feature a link to download the track-on-trial. And as I was perusing the site today, I came across an mp3 of a Dimension remix of the Stereolab track "Mudra," which can be found here. I enjoy Stereolab quite a bit--I think I'm a bit addicted to Emperor Tomato Ketchup lately. And I, like Pitchfork, am really enjoying this remix. Between the swirling synths and beats, there are beautiful little melodies. It's delightful.

I suppose it's worth putting up with the snobbery for the excellent free music.


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