Thursday, September 08, 2005

Radio, Radio

Everyone loves shameless self promotion . . .

Music is My Boyfriend
is officially back on the air for the fall semester, starting this coming Sunday. Very exciting indeed. You can expect excellent music, random babblings about music (in what has been called my "sexy radio voice"), and occasional themed shows/concert ticket give aways all semester long. I, however, won't expect you to actually listen to the live broadcast. For, sadly, Music is My Boyfriend will be airing every Sunday from 6-8 a.m.

But thankfully, WRUW's Handy-Dandy Web Archiving makes it possible for you to listen at your leisure. Simply go to the WRUW Program Guide for Sunday, and right-click/"Save Target As" the 56k link to the right of Music is My Boyfriend. And magically, that week's edition of Music is My Boyfriend will be on your computer in mp3 form! Archives are only kept for one week after they are recorded.
The website has not yet been updated for the brand new schedule, and probably won't be for a few weeks. So for the moment, download the mp3 file for 2-Tone Army, which was in the Sunday 6-8am slot this summer.

My first show will be this Sunday, September 11th. Should be interesting getting used to such an incredibly early time. Especially considering that I've never been a huge fan of mornings.

In other WRUW-related news, Studio-A-Rama, the station's anual outdoor *FREE* concert is this Saturday, September 10th in the Mather Memorial Courtyard. Magnolia Electric Co. is our headliner, and many other local Cleveland bands will be playing too; music Starts at 2pm. See the WRUW Press Release for a band schedule and more details.

Fun and music all around!


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6:14 PM, September 08, 2005  
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8:12 PM, September 08, 2005  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey hey, i updated the damn site only four hours after the schedule changed, damnit.

other than that, i thoroughly enjoy the blog.

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2:46 PM, September 14, 2005  

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