Saturday, October 29, 2005

Je Vais Prendre Ta Douleur

Handclaps, French, sass, popiness . . . . oh my, I can hardly control myself!

Yesterday, Matt (aka The Definitive Source) sent me "Ta Douleur" by Camille, and I absolutely love it. The vocal percussion, her sweet voice, and the handclaps make for delightful, catchy-as-hell music. The lyrics are also quite endearing--"Je vais prendre ta douleur" means "I'm going to take (away) your pain/sadness."

Sadly, I know very little about Camille, and cannot provide a link to an mp3 of the song. However, the video can be seen here (Real Player). It's interesting--very French. I'm curious as to how they filmed all the parts with the weaving yarn.

Here's hoping we have this at the radio station so I can play it on my handclap tribute this semester.


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