Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Guy Like Mike Jones Should Wear a Warning

I've always had random odd pop weaknesses. Lately more so than ever, now that I've decided not to fight or hide my addiction to catchy, upbeat trifles. Because as I've said before, deep down, everyone loves pop whether they admit it or not.

Sometimes though, there are pop songs that even I don't want to admit to enjoying. Considering that I've confessed my love of a Sugababes song to the internet world, if I don't want to own up to liking a song, that's saying a lot. One such song is the infamous "Toxic" by Britney Spears.

But, I just came across a mash up of Mike Jones Vs. Britney Spears called "Tippin' Toxic" by Hollertonix, which makes me feel better about liking the original "Toxic." An mp3 of the song can be downloaded here (via Fluxblog) for a limited time. I enjoy a good mash up from time to time; it's so impressive when two songs you never would have thought to put together blend to make a completely new awesome track. These two songs fit together smashingly.

It makes me wonder if the genius back-beat/melody of "Toxic" would fit with most anything. It certainly adapted from Britney's sex-filled lyrics to Mike Jones' rap very well. This fact makes me feel more at ease about enjoying a Britney song so. Hearing those catchy screeching strings out of context makes it incredibly obvious that the magic of "Toxic" is not at all Britney related. Phew!


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