Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Shut Up. Just Shut Up, Fergie.

This evening, I was semi-watching "So You Think You Can Dance." Yes, this is a clear indicator of how bored I can get at home, and how little there is on TV. In my defense, I did not decide to watch the show myself. My mom is apparently a fan.

Anyways, in between excessive dance performances, they had a musical guest. Much to my dismay, that guest was Fergie singing her new song "London Bridge" [YouTube Video]. Now obviously, this song is just horrendous. But I think the more disappointing thing is that people are actually paying attention to this Fergie solo effort. I guess when I heard the song online weeks ago, I assumed it was destined to mere online joking. It was just so . . . Ridiculously bad. Couldn't she just stop after the whole making breasts sound like cancerous growths thing?

Why can't Fergie and "London Bridge" be more like Kevin Federline and that "Popozao" non-sense? That's the only respectable thing we can do with "all this junk": mock it to death on the internet.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm Going To Sing This Song With All Of My Friends

There has been some recent internet buzz about a new band called I'm From Barcelona. As soon as I heard their song "We're From Barcelona" [from their debut album Let Me Introduce You To My Friends], I was smitten. It's cheery, playful, catchy-as-I-don't-know-what pop with handclaps; of course I love it. The video, with it's smiling, singing chorus of band members, only makes the song cuter:

If you didn't already guess, I'm From Barcelona aren't from Barcelona at all. They are, fitting with their bubbly pop, Swedish. The 29 person collective [I think this tops Broken Social Scene for most ridiculously sized band. Impressive.] have surpassed adorable here. Not to mention the song's ability to seep deep into your brain on impact.

This song is well suited for the recent "kid songs that appeal to indie parents too" compilations, actually. I like it, and I can think of several youngsters who would happily "na-na" along with these Swedes. Plus, the video already looks like it could air on Sesame Street. They'd only need to add a section where they count all of the band members. And maybe get rid of the "I'm with stupid" shirt.

More songs on their MySpace.
Another video at their website.

Monday, August 14, 2006

100th Post! . . . That should have happened, oh, two weeks ago

This post marks my 100th attempt to say something interesting, clever, and/or worthwhile. Of course, this post should have come a long time ago. Sorry for the complete disappearance. Things got a bit hectic at the end of my summer program. Coming up with an abstract, final presentation, and final poster in a week's time--all while being pushed to do as much subject testing and coding as possible before you leave--is very daunting.

But, I'm done now. Having slept an impressive amount in the past few days, I am on my way to recovery. It shouldn't take too long, except that I'm also a bit preoccupied by panicking about the fact that I'm about to begin my final year of college. [I now have a bookmark folder entitled "Grad school. EEEEEEEEEEK!!!"]

While we wait for my sanity to return, here are some things to amuse yourself with.

Gorilla VS Bear's guest author has come up with a hilarious hipster quiz (See "Bonus" section). I don't normally go for the magazine-style quizzes, but this one is delightfully self-mocking and witty. I ended up being a bit more hip than I expected--just barely in the middle category.

Gorilla VS Bear has also posted a few interesting tracks recently. My favorite finds are a selection from the Ethiopique Vol. 3 collection, and a soul gospel cover of Eleanor Rigby.

Cute Overload was ranked the #1 time waster by 'Time' Magazine. So go! Waste time! Much cuteness recently, if I do say so myself.

YouTube: I have recently become addicted. Specifically to trashy model reality shows of the foreign kind. Somehow, Canada's, Australia's, and Britain's Next Top Model versions are just so much better than America's. I think it's the accents?