Sunday, November 27, 2005

'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello VEEE EEEEE !

There appear to be absolutely no limits to the talents of Missy Elliot. I just listened to her remix of the terrible Ashlee Simpson song "L.O.V.E.". . . and she actually made the song pretty damn decent. I'd venture to say good, but Ashlee is still involved. Putting such a label on something she had a hand in seems just plain blasphemous. Of course, odds are she actually had no part in the original or the remix. Oh lip syncing teeny boppers, did Milli Vanilli teach you nothing?

An mp3 of the remix can be downloaded here (scroll down a bit to find the proper entry--damn lack of permalinks!). Not the best quality, but it gives you the idea.

Missy, you have worked a miracle.

An amusing side note: A large portion of the top results in a google search of "lip syncing" are Ashlee-related.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Yesterday a sloth challenged me to a race and won

I have been completely overwhelmed with laziness as of late. Definitely not a good thing to happen when I have important assignments due in over half of my classes. Though I think the two facts are related--I'm feeling quite burned out.

One odd aspect of my laziness is the things I do instead of work. Currently, my favorite procrastination method is looking at graduate programs. I have no idea why, when burned out on doing work, I want to look into more school and work to come. But, I have wasted hours doing just that.

From my research, it looks like if I do decide to go into prosthetics and/or orthotics, applying to programs will prove quite simple. . . there is only one accredited post-graduate program in the entire country. Though this could also make things very stressful, as if I don't get accepted to this program, I am screwed.

Much to the delight of a friend of mine, this one program is at the Georgia Institute of Technology. It looks like a very neat program. Exactly what I would want if I were to pursue the field: I'd be able to get certified to work with patients, get research experience, and have the possibility of continuing on to a Ph.D. in a related field. Only problems being that I've had no experience with prosthetics, and have no idea if I'll really like it in practice. It also requires taking a cadaver dissection lab, which requires me getting over the cold sweats and queasiness often inspired by watching other people be poked and prodded. So, who knows. I suppose I've got time yet before I need to make a decision.

Unless, of course, I just keep procrastinating it all away. Much like I am doing now. . .

Dropping the ball is the one thing I do best

This may be way too far after the fact, but I have a predicament and wonder if anyone might be able to help me. I always try to keep downloaded mp3's of my shows-past. Especially the theme shows, which I spend a lot of time putting together. However, I absent-mindedly forgot to download the mp3 of my most recent handclap tribute show before it was replaced. I'd really like to have this, so if anyone out there happened to have downloaded it and still has it, please contact me somehow (see my blogger profile for email and aim screen name).

I'm probably completely silly in thinking that anyone has downloaded and saved my show. But, it's worth a shot.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Clap Your Hands!

Today's edition of Music Is My Boyfriend (my radio show on WRUW, Case's radio station) was the second tribute to the handclap. It's easily one of my favorite shows to do--the music is generally fun and catchy. I will admit to doing a lot of dancing in the studio this morning.

In a move of blatant shameless self-promotion, I am encouraging people to download the show from the archives. Simply go to the program guide here, and click the 56k archive link for Music Is My Boyfriend. Then listen. Be snappy, the archives are only around for a week!

In case anyone is curious. . .

The tracklist (Artist - Song):
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands!
The Mountain Goats - This Year
Blur - Parklife
The Unicorns - I Was Born (a Unicorn)
The Coral - In The Morning
The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You
A.C. Newman - Drink To Me, Then, Babe
Architecture In Helsinki - Like a Call
The Lucksmiths - Fear of Rollercoasters
Jens Lekman - I Saw Her at the Anti-War Demonstration
Devendra Banhart - Quedate Luna
Asha Bhosle - Ina Mina Dika
Ramones - Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?
Q and Not U - A Line in the Sand
Sleater-Kinney - Ballad of the Ladyman
The Rapture - Sister Savior
The Faint - I Disappear
LCD Soundsystem - Disco Infiltrator
Talking Heads - Seen and Not Seen
Beck - Rental Car
The Go! Team - The Power is On
Spoon - Back to the Life
Sloan - Everything You've Done Wrong
Sam Cooke - Having a Party
Sam Cooke - Mean Old World
The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You
Elvis Costello - Lip Service
Belle and Sebastian - The Boy With the Arab Strap
Feist - Mushaboom
Camera Obscura - Let Me Go Home

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Skip the Waves, Syncopate, Forwards Backwards.

Directed to Yahoo!'s Launch to see brand new Kidz Bop videos just released, I ran across something far more noteworthy:

Deerhoof has a released a video for "Wrong Time Capsule" from their new album The Runners Four. The video can be viewed here (via Launch). The song is excellent, as is the entire album. As far as I know, this is the first "real" video that Deerhoof has released--they have a few random videos accessible through their website, but they aren't official single releases (I don't think, anyways).

They certaintly didn't disappoint with the video. It's about what I would expect from them--odd, random, and very neat. Of course, it makes sense that a Deerhoof video would be a bit, er, non-typical. Their music doesn't necessarily lend itself to the typical music video formats, aside from perhaps a performance-based one. And from seeing them live, I somehow don't see them as the types to make a big production out of themselves and their performance. I just wonder how the video director (Martha Colburn) came up with some of this stuff. At any rate, it looks awesome, and somehow fits the song even though time travel and being eaten by money have nothing at all in common.

Certainly much better than Kidz Bop videos. No furries, and no damn yelling kids.