Thursday, November 03, 2005

Skip the Waves, Syncopate, Forwards Backwards.

Directed to Yahoo!'s Launch to see brand new Kidz Bop videos just released, I ran across something far more noteworthy:

Deerhoof has a released a video for "Wrong Time Capsule" from their new album The Runners Four. The video can be viewed here (via Launch). The song is excellent, as is the entire album. As far as I know, this is the first "real" video that Deerhoof has released--they have a few random videos accessible through their website, but they aren't official single releases (I don't think, anyways).

They certaintly didn't disappoint with the video. It's about what I would expect from them--odd, random, and very neat. Of course, it makes sense that a Deerhoof video would be a bit, er, non-typical. Their music doesn't necessarily lend itself to the typical music video formats, aside from perhaps a performance-based one. And from seeing them live, I somehow don't see them as the types to make a big production out of themselves and their performance. I just wonder how the video director (Martha Colburn) came up with some of this stuff. At any rate, it looks awesome, and somehow fits the song even though time travel and being eaten by money have nothing at all in common.

Certainly much better than Kidz Bop videos. No furries, and no damn yelling kids.


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